From Bad Breath To Pneumonia: Four Reasons Proper Denture Care Is Essential

Posted on: 17 March 2015


Dentures allow you to maintain oral comfort and chewing ability, regardless of lost teeth. However, dentures require you to remove and clean them every evening. Without proper denture care, denture wearers may suffer from a range of health problems. Here are just a few of the health-based reasons taking care of your dentures is essential:

1. Bacteria-filled dentures can cause bad breath

Unfortunately, if you do not brush your dentures regularly, bacteria can build up on them, just as it builds up on your teeth, gums and tongue. That can give you bad breath.

To see if your dentures may be giving you bad breath, remove them and seal them in a plastic bag. Wait about ten minutes and then open the bag. If they emit an odor, they are likely giving you bad breath. You can solve this issue by cleaning them more thoroughly. However, the bacteria and debris around dentures can cause much worse things than bad breath.

2. Dirty dentures can lead to periodontal disease

Just as not brushing or flossing can lead to periodontal disease, so can improper denture. If plaque and food residue build up between your dentures and your gums, it can seriously affect the health of your gums.

If you develop periodontal disease, your gums will recede, and you may have to get new dentures made.

3. Ill-fitting dentures can cause mucous lesions

If your dentures do not fit correctly – due to periodontal disease causing the gums to recede or any other issue – you can get mucous lesions in your mouth. These can be uncomfortable. Canker sores or oral ulcers can also become a risk.

4. Sleeping in dentures can increase your risk of pneumonia

In addition to not cleaning their dentures as effectively as they should, many people sleep in them. Although it can be hard to take out your dentures at the end of the day when you are feeling very tired, it is essential.

Research has shown that people over the age of 85 who sleep in their dentures, double their risk of pneumonia. Coming down with pneumonia if you are elderly or immunocompromised can be deadly, and just by removing your dentures, you essentially cut your risk in half.

To learn more about the importance of denture care or to assess if your dentures are fitting correctly, contact a local denture clinic such as Hornsby Denture Clinic