The Lure of Luxury: Six Benefits of Gold Dental Crowns

Posted on: 12 September 2016


If you need a crown put on your tooth, you can choose from a range of materials including gold. Wondering what the benefits of gold crowns are? Take a look:

1. Mimicking ancient smiles

If you love vintage jumpers or t-shirts from the charity shop, a gold dental crown can be another way to tap into old timey styles. In fact, gold has been used in dentistry since long before the common era, and historians and anthropologists believe that some women in ancient times used to purposely remove healthy incisors just so they could have the privilege of replacing them with fake and flashy gold teeth.

2. Standing out among the crowd

While gold prosthetics and dental crowns were popular for over 2,00 years, their popularity has fallen by the wayside in recent years. In fact, over the last five years, demand for gold in dental work has fallen by nearly 60 percent. That indicates that gold teeth are no longer trendy, but it also indicates that gold is a great way to show off your unique smile.

3. Showcasing unique patterns

Its unique colour is not the only benefit of a gold crown; you can also create a unique pattern in your gold crown. Want a textured tooth? Something with an embedded jewel? There are lots of possibilities. Talk with your dentist about which crown designs are available in your case.

4. Offering strength

Of course, gold teeth didn't endure for thousands of years simply because they're pretty. These crowns also maintained popularity because of their strength and durability. Gold is naturally resistant to plaque, and it's also less likely to fracture than most other crown materials. If you want a crown that is likely to last a lifetime, you may want to choose gold.

5. Lacking mercury

For years, many fillings featured mercury. This neurotoxin has been linked to a range of issues, and it has largely been removed from most crowns and fillings. However, trace amounts of mercury still appear in some amalgam fillings. If you want to avoid mercury, you may want to embrace a metal like gold that is mercury free.

6. Showing off luxury

In exchange for the benefits of gold, you need to be prepared to spend a bit more. Gold crowns tend to cost more than other types of crowns. As a result, when you have a gold tooth, you look like you spent quite a bit of cash to achieve that money.