Some Important Reasons as to Why Paediatric Dentistry Is Important for Your Child

Posted on: 21 February 2017


The problem most first-time parents encounter is that they lack the experience required to take good care of their young ones. Some follow the advice of other parents who have some experience in child health care, but there's no guarantee that the information shared is accurate and reliable. The surest way to ensure your new little bundle of joy gets the care they need to grow healthy is by working hand in hand with medical and health professionals. One of the people you will need to closely work with to ensure your baby maintains good oral health is a dentist, and a paediatric one for that matter. Paediatric dentists are basically dentists that specialise in providing dental care for children. 

While general or family dentists too can look after the oral health of your child and treat any dental problems that may arise, there are critical reasons as to why you had better find them a paediatric dentist instead. Here's a look at some of those reasons.

They help your child feel comfortable while in the dental office environment.

Many adults are afraid of visiting the dentist even if it is for normal check-up purposes only. This is because they most likely did not get exposed to the dental office environment from an early age and therefore grew up fearing dentists.

The good thing with finding a paediatric dentist for your little one is that they can get accustomed to the dental clinic while they are still young. Regular exposure in the childhood years will ensure your child grows up appreciating why they need to maintain good oral health, and not fearing making trips to the dental office environment.

They help stop childhood habits that have the potential to cause dental problems in the future.

Paediatric dentistry offers an opportunity for parents to keep track of their children's dental development so as to ensure their teeth and gums are growing healthy. By performing regular cleanings and examinations, a paediatric dentist can point out problems that can affect your child's dental health in the long run. For example, the dentist may reveal that your child's thumb-sucking can cause malocclusion of baby teeth if the habit is not halted.

Depending on the age and ability of your child, a dental clinic provide you with some effective advice to help your child break the habit. Children of school-going age, for example, can be discouraged from sucking their thumbs by offering distractions such as toys they can play with.