Two Sides to Every Smile: Can I Get Veneers on Just My Top Teeth?

Posted on: 23 February 2018


A pleasing smile is an important asset. When you can smile confidently, your communication skills benefit a great deal. After all, if communication consists mostly of body language, such as facial gestures, the ability to offer any one of the 19 types of recorded smile gives you a great advantage.

If the teeth in your smile zone are chipped, crooked or stained, veneers are a fast and long-lasting solution. However, they are expensive. Fortunately, it is possible to get veneers for just your top teeth, and without making it obvious to everyone that you have had your teeth "done".

Most People Smile With Their Upper Teeth

In general, when a person smiles you see their upper teeth, and perhaps a small portion of their lower teeth. This makes it feasible for most people to place veneers on just their upper teeth. However, while it is not unheard of for patients to opt for just one or two veneers, the most aesthetic route to take would be to place veneers on at least eight of the upper teeth.

This is especially important if your career choice means that you regularly communicate with clients or customers on a face-to-face basis. Your upper teeth will be visible from the sides as well as the front. Unless your smile is especially narrow then, six veneers, from canine to canine, may make it obvious that you have had six veneers placed.

You Should Whiten Your Teeth First

If you intend to do veneers on just your upper teeth, you should first whiten your teeth. Whitening your teeth beforehand will help you to decide how white your upper veneers should be. For example, once you see how white your lower teeth can become through whitening, you'll be able to choose a similar shade for your upper veneers.

This is an important step as if your veneers are too white; the contrast between your upper veneers and your lower natural teeth will make it obvious that you have had work done. Whiten your teeth first so that you can ensure you choose a shade of veneer that blends in naturally when you smile or talk.

You Can Add Lower Veneers Later

If the cost is an obstacle, you can add lower veneers later. Since most people show much less of their lower teeth than their upper teeth when smiling or talking, you may be able to get just 4-6 veneers rather than 8-10. Have your cosmetic dentist evaluate your smile to help you better decide what will work best for you.

Although it is better to do both upper and lower veneers at the same time in terms of aesthetic appeal, you can opt to do veneers on just your upper teeth. If you have a narrow smile and rarely show your lower teeth, you may never need to have lower veneers. Talk to someone who focuses in cosmetic dentistry