Types of Dental Services

Posted on: 30 November 2018


Dental services are provided by dentists in order to treat pain, infection, disease and deformities of the teeth. 

What dental services are available?

Common services provided by dentists include the following:

  • Carrying out fillings
  • Cleaning/whitening teeth
  • Extracting teeth
  • Putting crowns on teeth
  • Treating of gum disease (periodontal disease)
  • Aligning crowded or crooked teeth
  • Installing dental implants or bridges

Most dentists are general dentists who treat and diagnose a wide variety of diseases of the teeth. However, specialised dentists are also available who have trained in a particular area. One such specialist dentist is a pediatric dentist who specialises in oral health of children, from infants to teenagers. If you are taking young children to the dentist, then pediatric dentists are not only experts in their field but are also aware of children's temperaments when they visit a dentist. Other specialist dentists include orthodontists. Orthodontists are popular specialist dentists who can really restore one's self-esteem due to crooked or misaligned teeth.    

What to discuss with your dentist prior to a procedure  

Many people miss important points of discussion with their dentist prior to a dental procedure. 

Once you have decided whether to see a specialist or general dentist and have also come to a conclusion about which dental procedure you are undertaking, there are certain things you need to discuss with your dentist. Ask them about the timeframe of the procedure and whether it will take place over one or several sessions. Furthermore, many people also forget to ask about the cost of additional services and become quite shocked when they receive a lengthy bill. Additional costs may be certain tests you have to complete, such as specialist X-rays which can be quite expensive. Finally, always be aware of the type of pain relief being offered to you. Of course, when undergoing any type of dental treatment, pain relief is something patients heavily rely upon! If you are going to be under general anesthesia, then always check to see if you are medically fit for this.

Cost of the procedure   

Dental procedures can be quite expensive; therefore, it's imperative that you check whether you are covered under health insurance or any sort of government funding. Particularly for younger children, there are certain schemes which help you with the cost of dental services. Although all of the cost may not be compensated, some portions may still be funded so it's best to check, especially for more expensive dental procedures.