All You Need to Know About Your Eye Teeth

Posted on: 22 April 2020


Your eyeteeth, which dentists also call "canines", are unique in several ways when compared to your other teeth. For one, unlike your other tooth types, which come in sets of 4 in each jaw, 4 molars, 4 premolars and 4 incisors (not including your wisdom teeth), there are only 2 eyeteeth in each jaw. But this isn't the only fact that makes your eyeteeth unique.

Several characteristics make your eyeteeth different from the other teeth in your mouth.

They Have More Dentin

Because of their position under your eye sockets, dentists refer to these teeth as eyeteeth. And one thing that usually stands out about these teeth from an aesthetic standpoint is their colour. Eyeteeth tend to be more yellow than your other teeth. This is down to one simple reason: they have more dentin.

Dentin is the spongy, porous material underneath the enamel layer of your teeth. This yellow material provides your teeth with support and flexibility when you chew your food. Because your eyeteeth are designed to grip and tear food, they need a thicker layer of dentin than most of your other teeth. Because of this, they appear more yellow.

And although whitening can help to some extent, your eyeteeth will always be somewhat yellow in appearance.

They Have the Longest Roots of all Your Teeth

Your upper eyeteeth have very long roots. This is probably because these teeth help you to grip onto and to tug at tough foods like steak and beef jerky. Your upper eyeteeth are also much more prominent than your lower eyeteeth.

They Help You Appear More Attractive

According to research, if you have longer or more prominent eyeteeth, you might be more attractive to the opposite sex! So, don't be disappointed if your eyeteeth are bigger than you'd like. However, you can alter your eyeteeth if you aren't happy with them via cosmetic dentistry. Porcelain veneers or composite bonding can cover overly large canine teeth to make them appear smaller or less pointed.

They Are the Easiest Teeth to Clean

Because of eyeteeth's prominence in your mouth and the way they jut out of your smile zone, they are easier to clean. This goes for both brushing and flossing.

Your eyeteeth are some of the most important teeth in your mouth. Be sure to take good care of them if you want to continue to enjoy tough foods like steak and candy.