Should You Consider Denture Implants?

Posted on: 7 April 2021


When you lose your teeth, it is easy to become self-conscious and to avoid public places because you don't want to risk people noticing your appearance without teeth. While your teeth cannot be regrown, there are several ways of replacing your teeth. Two popular techniques used by dentists to restore the appearance of your smile are dental implants and dentures. Each dental method comes with its particular advantages and disadvantages.

Should you choose dental implants or dentures?

Dental implants are a highly successful way of replacing missing teeth. Dental implants screw directly into the jawbone. Fitting a dental crown over the implant provides a prosthetic tooth that acts and feels like a natural tooth. While a set of dental implants could be a great solution, the cost of the implants can be a problem if you have to replace many teeth. Dentures are a popular alternative to implants. Dentures can look natural, and they work well in many situations. The concern that some people have with dentures is that they are not always easy to hold in position, and can sometimes work loose or slip out of position during the day. A denture that moves can be painful and is highly embarrassing if it occurs in a public setting. Choosing between these two options can be difficult, but there is a third possibility. Denture implants or implant-supported dentures can offer securely fixed dentures at a lower cost than implants.

What are denture implants?

Traditional dentures stay in place by forming a seal with the patients' gums, but that is not always secure. Denture implants rely on fixing the denture to dental implants rather than using adhesive. By choosing strategic positions in the mouth, a denture is secured to the dental implant. The result is a set of teeth that look natural and will be securely held but have only a fraction of the cost of a set of dental implants.

Why choose denture implants?

The increased security of denture implants is their primary benefit, but there are other reasons that you should consider them. Denture-supported implants both look more natural and respond far more naturally than a traditional denture. The secure nature of their fixing allows the user to safely exert a far greater biting force without risking damaging the denture. Using denture implants avoids the gap that commonly occurs between the denture and the gum, offering a completely natural appearance. 

For more information about denture implants, talk to a dentist.