5 Advantages of Denture Relines

Posted on: 16 August 2021


When you develop a minor problem with the way your dentures fit, your dentist might recommend that you have them relined. Denture relines involve replacing the lining of the denture base with new lining that is a better fit for your mouth. Here are several benefits that you can expect to enjoy after a denture reline.

1. Easier Mealtimes

After the lining of your dentures is replaced with a new lining, you should notice that they fit much more securely in your mouth. That means that you can eat with confidence, knowing that your dentures will not slip when you bite down on one of your favourite foods.

2. More Confidence When Socialising

Taking part in a social conversation can be difficult when you are never sure when your dentures are going to slip out of place. Many denture users avoid talking or laughing when they are in public because they worry that their dentures will move and cause them to lisp or slur their words. Relined dentures provide confidence in social situations, as they stay much more firmly in place no matter how you move your mouth.

3. Greater Oral Comfort

Wearing dentures that do not fit well can be very uncomfortable. Dentures that keep slipping and having to be pushed back into place can even cause sores or ulcers as a result of friction against the delicate tissues inside the mouth. These ulcers can be extremely painful, so it is never a good idea to delay a denture reline.

4. Lower Risk of Gum Disease

When dentures frequently slip out of place, it is common for small traces of food to slide underneath them. When bacteria start to feast on this food, they produce acids and form bacterial colonies that can be very harmful to the gums, as well as to any teeth that you still have. The best way to protect your gums, aside from visiting your dentist regularly, is to ensure that your dentures fit well.

5. Fresher Breath

Food trapped under poorly fitting dentures not only poses a risk to oral health but also feeds the oral bacteria that are responsible for bad breath. If you suspect that your breath no longer smells as clean as it used to, and you have experienced your dentures slipping or feeling uncomfortable in your mouth, then you should ask your dentist whether a denture reline might be a good choice for you.