Four Things to Know Before Getting Braces

Posted on: 21 September 2022


When you're considering braces, it's always good to know what to expect. The ultimate aim is to secure straighter teeth. However, between the application and the end result, it's normal to experience a few surprises. Here are four things to expect.

Lip Balm Is Crucial

Lip balm is fairly essential for a couple of reasons. First, when your orthodontist fits your braces, it can take at least a couple of hours. It isn't wise to drink water during this period, so you'll need lip balm to keep your lips soft and stop them from cracking. Second, as the soft tissues in your mouth adjust to the presence of brackets, they'll need a little TLC. Lip balm can minimise abrasions and prevent them from worsening, so make sure you keep some on you at all times.

Expect a Mild Lisp

A lot goes into the way you speak. Alongside projecting your voice using your vocal cords, the shape of your mouth can affect the way everything sounds. Braces are an additional structure you'll need to adapt to when speaking. Although not everyone notices changes, some people find that they have a minor lisp. The lisp can feel especially prominent while any swelling you experience is lessening. You may expect that the lisp will disappear after your initial adjustment period, but for some people, it remains until they have their final appointment with their orthodontist.

You Can Still Floss

Yes, flossing may feel a little different when you have braces in place. But, that doesn't mean you can or should skip it entirely. Trying the usual implements can feel tricky, as you generally rely on being able to sweep standard floss from the top to the bottom of your teeth with no obstruction. Ask your orthodontist about using specialist flossing tools. They're generally not pricey, but they can make the logistics of flossing easier. As flossing is useful for preventing bacterial build-up, it's essential you keep it as a part of your routine.

Rapid Early Changes

If you love to see progress and you like to see it quickly, you'll be pleased to learn that some of the fastest changes happen in the first few months of having braces. Seeing those quick changes can make you feel as though all the effort is worth it. However, this does mean you may feel as though your orthodontist is recommending to have them in for longer than you would like. Trust in the process; they only make such recommendations to ensure your smile reaches its full potential and that the results will last.