What Are the Benefits of Digital Dentures?

Posted on: 15 November 2022


Denture clinics and dentists can now use digital technologies to manufacture full dentures. While traditional methods of making false teeth work well, digital manufacturing has some advantages.

How do digital dentures work? Why should you consider taking this route? 

What Are Digital Dentures?

Traditional dentures are made from moulded impressions. Your denture technician or dentist uses a special pliable moulding material to create an impression of your teeth.

Here, they place the material over your teeth and press it down. When they remove it, the material contains an impression of your teeth. Technicians use this material to make hard denture moulds. The moulds are then used to create your false teeth.

Digital dentures are also made to fit your teeth; however, they create impressions in a different way. Here, a technician takes a series of digital scans of your mouth. These scans create an overall digital image of all your teeth based on exact measurements.

Typically, you'll get a trial set of wax false teeth to try before your new permanent dentures are made. Once you're happy with your trial set, your clinic will make the dentures you'll wear in the future.

What Are the Advantages of Digital Dentures?

While an experienced technician or dentist can create well-fitting dentures from manual impressions, this technique does have some potential downsides. For example, even a small mistake or misplaced impression mould can affect the fit of your false teeth.

If full dentures don't exactly match the shape of your gums and mouth, then they might not be comfortable to wear. If they don't mimic the size and structure of your natural teeth, then they might not look quite right. You might not know exactly how your dentures will look and feel until they have been made.

Digital dentures use accurate computerised scans to create a true image of your mouth. These scans are typically more accurate.

Plus, you get to try on a trial pair of dentures mid-way through the process. If the dentures aren't quite right, your clinic will make the necessary adjustments. The dentures you get at the end of your treatment are more likely to be an exact and comfortable fit for your mouth.

Digital dentures are also faster to make. You'll need fewer appointments during the process. So, you could have a perfect set of new teeth in less time than it would take if you followed a traditional route.

To find out more about digital full dentures and whether they are the right option for your mouth, talk to your dentist or denture clinic.

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