Exploring Off The Beaten Path: Dental Tips

Posted on: 13 January 2023


Are you planning a getaway to some of the most remote locations on the planet? Whether you're embarking on a backpacking trip, trekking off into the wilderness or sailing around the globe, taking good care of your teeth is essential to making sure that you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Read on for some dental tips for when you are exploring off the beaten path.

Pack Dental Supplies

When packing your bags, make sure to include all of the essentials. It's wise to bring along any medications you may need and dental items such as toothpaste, mouthwash and floss. Make sure that these items meet regulations before travelling with them—check out what you can and cannot take into other countries as it varies from place to place. Additionally, be prepared if you want to whiten your teeth while on vacation—there are many products available over the counter in drug stores, such as whitening strips or whitening toothpaste, that are easy to pack and transport with you.

Take Good Care of Your Teeth

It's essential that you continue to brush and floss regularly and use mouthwash at least for optimal oral hygiene maintenance. If possible, try to find a dentist in advance who is located close by in case of an emergency. Make sure that they accept your insurance or payment method ahead of time so that if an emergency situation arises, treatment is just a short journey away.

Change Your Diet

Travelling often means indulging in sugary snacks and treats—but did you know that these tasty foods can wreak havoc on your teeth? Cut back on the sweets and opt for crunchy, water-rich fruits and vegetables like carrots or apples to help keep cavities at bay. Eating these fibre-rich snacks is more than just satisfying—it also helps rinse away bacteria from plaque buildup, leaving you with a fresher, healthier mouth.


Taking care of your teeth when travelling is essential for maintaining good oral health during remote trips away from civilisation. Whether it's packing smartly with all the necessary dental supplies or following a regular routine of brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash regularly—these simple steps can help prevent any potential issues down the line. Hopefully, these tips will provide reassurance so that you can enjoy your next trip off the beaten path. If you would like further advice and info, contact your dentist before you depart on your holiday.