Avoid Denture Drama: Which Foods Do You Need to Be Mindful of When Wearing Dentures?

Posted on: 10 June 2015

It can feel slightly odd when you put dentures in your mouth for the first time. You're certainly aware of the fact that they're there, but this feeling passes very quickly. You also become aware that you're able to eat foods that were previously off-limits, and this is a wonderful feeling. Dentistry has evolved to the point where you quickly forget that you're actually wearing dentures, and you might only think of them when it's time to take them out at night.
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How to Introduce Young Children to the Dentist

Posted on: 8 May 2015

A fear of visiting the dentist is common in children. This is unsurprising, since many adults feel the same way! However, while an adult knows it is a necessity and can grin and bear it, a reluctant child can turn a trip to the dentist into a nightmare of tantrums and refusals. To prevent your child becoming a dentist-dreading terror, try some of these techniques for making your dentist a friend not a foe.
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3 Ways You Can Make Your Teeth Whiter

Posted on: 15 April 2015

Your teeth come in various natural shades of white. This white color may darken over time due to exposure to agents that stain your teeth. One of the biggest components responsible for tooth discoloration is exposure to excessive amounts of fluoride. Other causes could be your diet, drinks such as coffee and tea can darken your teeth, smoking, tooth decay and other dental diseases. White teeth create a beautiful and bright smile, and since it enhances your appearance, it improves your confidence.
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From Bad Breath To Pneumonia: Four Reasons Proper Denture Care Is Essential

Posted on: 17 March 2015

Dentures allow you to maintain oral comfort and chewing ability, regardless of lost teeth. However, dentures require you to remove and clean them every evening. Without proper denture care, denture wearers may suffer from a range of health problems. Here are just a few of the health-based reasons taking care of your dentures is essential: 1. Bacteria-filled dentures can cause bad breath Unfortunately, if you do not brush your dentures regularly, bacteria can build up on them, just as it builds up on your teeth, gums and tongue.
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