Should You Allow Your Child to Have Veneers?

Posted on: 6 June 2016

As children get older, they may become more aware of their appearance; they may also compare the way they look with their friends and even with famous people they admire. In some cases, some children start to particularly worry about their teeth as they reach their teenage years. For example, some kids may think that their teeth are not white enough or that they are a little too crooked to look good.
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The Annoyance of Denture Stomatitis (and How to Get Rid of It)

Posted on: 18 May 2016

Denture stomatitis occurs when the sections of your gums that are in contact with your dentures become inflamed. It can be quite common, but this does not mean that it's something you need to tolerate. The gums might simply feel a little irritated, or they might in fact become painful. If you've ever suffered from inflamed gums when wearing your dentures, then it's time to look at some of the cause of denture stomatitis, as well as some straightforward ways to get rid of this annoyance.
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How to Oil Pull Through Morning Sickness

Posted on: 28 April 2016

If you're a regular oil puller, you may be keen to carry on pulling when you get pregnant to help you maintain a good level of oral hygiene. Oil pulling is generally considered to be a useful way of removing toxins from your mouth that may help you avoid issues such as dental decay and gum disease. The practice may be particularly useful during this time of your life, as your pregnancy increases the chances of gum problems.
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Delving into the world of cosmetic dentistry

Posted on: 13 April 2016

The demand for cosmetic dental treatments has soared in recent years.  This upward trajectory is likely to continue for some time, with many experts predicting that by 2020, the international cosmetic dentistry market will be worth $22.4 billion. Once thought to be accessible only by the rich and famous, dental work of this kind is now something which virtually everyone can avail themselves of, if they so choose. What exactly is cosmetic dentistry?
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